EGEL test 2011- Tests for the Evaluation of Higher Education Learning

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The EGEL test (in Spanish it is called Examen General para Egresados de Licenciatura) is an evaluation tool developed by CENEVAL (Mexico's National Center for the Evaluation of Higher Education). It is administered to students who are about to finish their undergraduate education.


This test was formerly used as a requirement to obtain the Undergraduate Degree Certification; now, it serves as an indicator of the student’s academic progress during their final semester of undergraduate studies.


To register for EGEL test, the petitioner must go to the Information Desk of the UANL Department of Assessment Center, located in the Main Campus, between the 'Capilla Alfonsina' Library and the Department of Scholarships. 




1.- Transcript (copy).

2.- Photo-voting card or current passport (copy).

3.- Copy of Personal Number (CURP).

4.- Two small size photographs (2.5 x 3 cm).

5.- Completion of the Questionnaire of Context (bring a No. 2 or 2½ pencil and a pen).

6.- Deposit receipt.

• UANL students will pay with the payment slip that they received at the Information Desk of the UANL Department of Assessment Center when they registered.

• Students that do not belong to UANL will make the payment to the appropriate bank account (BANCOMER).

7.- Authorization letter from the School (this requirement is only for students from the School of Psychology).

For more information please contact us at:

Telephone: (81) 8329 4000 extensiones 5393 y 4069

Web sites:



Information Desk of the UANL Department of Assessment Center

Ciudad Universitaria, San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo León

Opening hours: 8:00 am a 3:00 pm Monday to Friday.




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