Center for Languages of the School of Philosophy and Literature



About the Center for Languages
The Center for Languages is an integrated institution within the School of Philosophy and Literature of the U.A.N.L., opened to the public in August 1989. It was conceived as a result of one of the most important requirements of our time: the acquisition of one or more foreign languages that enable our students to learn and interact with the culture of other countries in the knowledge society within a global world.
Today, the Center for Languages represents a prestigious institution, being acknowledged as a consolidated touchstone in the specialization of languages. The courses offered by this center are optional and independent. In this sense, such courses are not mandatory or structured as an undergraduate program. 
The academic programs of the Center for Languages encourage not only the development of language skills, but also professional growth and the establishment of social and interpersonal relationships between students and teachers in the classroom. The number of students comprised in the enrollment bolsters its social recognition.
To offer the university community and the general public language courses for the development of comprehension, speaking, and writing skills by means of a functional-communicative approach for a better job and intellectual performance, based on the demands of the current social environment.
To be a center for teaching and learning foreign languages by offering academic services to the educational community and the general public. The Center for Languages seeks national and international acknowledgment for its flexible and modern programs of quality and creativity. 
Course Lenght and Frequency
There are two instructional modes : 
1. -Daily sessions of 1.30 hours, Monday to Friday, for up to 7 semesters depending on the language: English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish as a foreign language. 
2. -Saturday sessions of 4.30 hours for up to 9 semesters depending on the language of choice. Schedule based on the UANL official calendar.

Classes are taken in the Center for Languages and the School of Philosophy and Literature.
DIPLOMA (On request)
Once the student has finished all levels of the language of choice. The diplomas issued by the Center for Languages are the only ones with the approval of the University Senate since May 18th 2004. This implies that KARDEX are recognized as official documents, so the UANL's students are exempt of studies of foreign language, which are essential to go through the processes of qualifications.
Ciudad Universitaria, C.P. 66450 San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, México.
Phone: (81)8376-1130 and (81)13404384