Rogelio Garza Rivera Takes Oath as President of UANL



Professor Rogelio Guillermo Garza Rivera was named President of Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon for the period 28 October 2015 to 27 October 2018 in solemn ceremony with the University Senate.

With Professor Rogelio G. Garza Rivera as President of UANL a new stage of strengthening begins, he takes the responsibility of leading this maximum academic institution for the period 2015-2018.

"This is a big challenge, we want to offer higher education that meets the criteria of good quality, inclusion, equity, and respect for human rights. Together, we will strengthen UANL, we are a University that educates to advance, and advance to educate," said the new President of UANL.

The event took place at the University Theater, in a ceremony headed by the Chair of the Board of Governors, Jose Santos Garcia Alvarado, the Deputy Secretary of Higher Education SEP, Salvador Jara Guerrero, the Secretary of the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES for its acronym in Spanish), Jaime Vazquez Ponda, and as honorable witness, the Governor of the State of Nuevo Leon, Jaime Rodriguez Calderon.

"Bigger projects are coming for the University, to mention one example, Projects in Automotive Engineering and Aeronautics will be soon developed, we will work on matters of expanding the coverage of education, teaching quality, and engagement. There is much work to be done," said Professor Rogelio G. Garza in his first statements.

After becoming President of UANL, Garza Rivera said that there would be an administrative restructuring, which includes a reduction of departments and other areas while paying attention to control and management in order to decrease current expenditures.

He noted that the University must enhance many aspects such as quality, support to students, research, engagement, infrastructure, and education coverage supported by new information technologies.

"I will work with passion and spirit to guide our determination and enhance the values and aspirations of my Alma Mater. I would like to acknowledge the people who were recently in this position for their dedication, as it allowed to continue the project that has consolidated our University," he continued.

He then noted the leadership and devotion of Doctor Jesus Ancer Rodriguez, "a distinguished university man who leaves a great legacy; he is an example of work and commitment to our University."

The new President aims to extend the university coverage to southern Nuevo Leon by promoting the programs in veterinary medicine and engineering, as well as doing likewise in the northern part of the state.

"All UANL high schools will instruct technical academic programs under the successful model of the 'Alvaro Obregon' Industrial and Technical High School. We will encourage distance learning through the combination of educational practices with self-directed learning and technology use," he added.

The Center for Student Services and Development will be established and the programs of tutoring and scholarships will be consolidated to increase efficiency at large. UANL will collaborate with art and culture, besides promoting high-performance, recreational, and adaptive sports.

Garza Rivera promised to help the state government in solving the major challenges it faces, such as the obligation to provide free and quality upper intermediate education. 77,000 students are currently enrolled in UANL high schools, 62,000 of which receive some type of scholarship.

Doctor Jaime Vazquez Ponda guaranteed institutional support to the new administration since UANL represents a source of pride for the country and the ANUIES. He assured that this transition is not a change of direction, but the continuity of the course toward the UANL 2020 Vision.

"Professor Rivera axis for management and lines of action point to the consolidation of the achievements and puts the emphasis in the academy's transformative quality, innovation, liaison and knowledge transfer. As well as in institutional management for sustainable development," the Secretary of the ANUIES said.

For Dr. Salvador Jara Guerrero the challenge is to increase coverage with quality, "we need a world class education for young people to aspire to be a first world country."

The Assistant Minister of Higher Education added that they should continue the work that has been done, considering the prestige and positioning that the UANL currently has.

Jaime Rodriguez Calderon, the State Governor, assured that in the Maximum Academic Institution took a good decision when choosing the President, and that now is time to get to work in a coordinated manner.

"The University has always gone forward and today is its best moment, this is the moment to dare to make history, today is the time to change. And doing that implies dare to be criticized, but the government is going to work with you, Rogelio," said the State Executive.

He insisted that the University should promote and take the leadership that currently has to make it bigger, "that today this leadership rises with more intensity because Nuevo Leon needs to take the country leadership. If Nuevo Leon does the things right in the country, the other states will do the same."

About the project of increase coverage supported on new technologies, the Governor made it clear that today it is necessary that the teachers are teaching thousands of young people through the network.

By: Esperanza Armendariz
Date: October 27, 2015
Photography: Efrain Aldama Villa, Jose Luis Macias Nicanor y Melody Calvillo