The School of Performing Arts Presents "As We Like It" at ENAT



After being presented in the theater “Rogelio Villarreal” and the Aula Magna, the Theater Workshop of the School of Performing Arts will present “As we Like it”, an adaptation of “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare, at the National Institute of Fine Arts Theater Festival of the National School of Theater Arts (ENAT, Spanish acronym).
Luis Salazar

The play “As we like it” is a free adaptation that the director of the Theater Workshop of the School of Performing Arts (FAE, Spanish acronym), Carlos Nevarez, created based on the text “As You Like It” by William Shakespeare.

The play was presented on the 3rd and 10th of August in the Aula Magna of the 'Colegio Civil' University Cultural Center. Days before the play had its premiere in the Theater “Rogelio Villarreal” in FAE.

This is the second play of the FAE Theater Workshop, because months ago they set another adaptation of a Shakespeare play “A Midsummer Night's Dream”, and Nevarez called it “Disrupting the Sleep.”

“It is a text that talks about love and hate, about the philosophy of the human condition or the love in its stage of madness. About jealousy, distances, how we turn mad when we do not have the object of desire. Is one of the best comedies by Shakespeare”, said Nevarez in the interview.

He explains that in the play, which involved more than 25 actors, singers and musicians, they made their own version, because they omitted some characters of Shakespeare’s play and adapted those dialogues to other characters.

“I created a sequence of interventions by clown characters, which narrate the situations. The characters are not good or bad, they are simply human.”

In the workshop participate around 23 people and 20 of them are women. The company director decides to place a risky bet and change the gender roles of the characters.

“In the play, Shakespeare present cross-dressing, because the heroine has to dress as a man to escape and being close of her lover, and discover if he loves her. We have a lot of women in the workshop, so I thought that it would be a good idea to dress all of them as men.”

The play was also performed in the Theater “Rogelio Villarreal”. Nevarez said that, the Workshop collaborates in the accreditation of the Bachelor in Theatrical Arts of the School. They also made a benefit performance to raise money for a classmate who suffers from cancer.

From October 5th to 11th a theater festival will be held between the dramatic arts schools in the country. It is organized by the National Theatre School of the National Institute of Fine Arts. Many Schools in the country participates, including the Institute del Teatre de Catalunya, from Spain.

A week before the festival, the director scheduled the performance of the play once again in the Theater of the FAE, in the last week of September, in order to be truly prepared as we can possibly be to go to ENAT.

But they will not be the only ones who will represent the FAE out of town. From August 16th to 23rd a couple of actresses will participate in the workshop Delta Festival, in Bogota, Colombia, which is composed by drama schools around the continent.

To end the year Carlos Nevarez said to have prepared another classic, this time concerning the theater of Federico Garcia Lorca, “The House of Bernarda Alba.”