UANL Boost Mexican Economy


 Ricardo Gómez Flores del centro de incubación de empresas y transferencia de tecnología

By: Alejandro Salas

85% of SME who did not receive business consulting tend to be unsuccessful in less than 18 months.
Taking into account the growing market competition, it is very important for new SME to posses valuable information to help business move ahead and Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon is aware of it.
In an interview with Ricardo Gomez Flores, Head of Center for Business Incubation and Technology Transfer said that new SME guided by experts maintain a profitable and positive cash flow.
So, how they do it?  The Center for Business Incubation and Technology Transfer.
“More than 80% of new business that were incubated in this Center remain valid, growing and showing positive earnings”. Said Gomez Flores.
“We provide basic tools to start up new business, thanks to our vision in the University, we not only provide human resources but we also train them in order to create a new way of generating value in society”.
Established in 2005 with the main goal of increase the Mexican corporate presence and facilitate the establishment of business in the country. The CIETT (for its acronym in Spanish), located in Mederos Campus of the UANL, is a business development benchmark in Monterrey. 
“This Center was established with the purpose of stimulate the entrepreneurship and the generation of innovations for the protection of creativity in the university students by varied legal entities as patents”, assure the Head of the university office.
The property has areas of specialization, which are divided into the area of intellectual property and industrial property and entrepreneurship. And also it offers a business incubator that can be used by university and non-university and as UANL technology transfer to industry.
“In the business incubator we support them to be trained in various areas, involving the undertaking or having a business. And that after a year the companies could graduate with the knowledge learned in here".
Business incubator provides facilities to conduct properly the new business in more than 20 offices available; when necessary the interested party can set a little studio. 
CIETT has contributed to UANL with more than 200 patents that remain valid. Last year, UANL was Leader in intellectual property in Mexico thanks that it is easier taking out patents.
“People who started business here, left satisfied. They are grateful for having found an appropriate way to start and strength their business”.
“Our aim is to support national economy while creating new jobs through the development of SME”.
Additional information about the Center for Business Incubation and Technology Transfer, please call 8329-4000 ext. 2104.